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Mammút @ Reykjavík Music Mess 2013

Covering Mammút with salt

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While travelling with IcelandAir pay attention to what you listen to. I sat comfortably in my seat with a thought that just in a few hours I will cheer eyes up with my favorite view and then I heard… of course Icelandic music, how could it be different? But it was something special to me. I heard songs of a huge creature that the earth rests on its back. It is believed that earthquakes occur if this animal moves. So does my personal little world. It shivers when the creature is kind of resurrected on stage. So here we have Mammút that has attracted attention since 2008 and I believe that since releasing the last album in 2013 entitled Komdu til mín svarta systir, they make magic live. To be honest, I didn’t experience on my own skin how they had changed on stage for that five years but it was definitely worth to wait that long for such an album and I know one thing – if you will see Mammút’s show once you will never ever make a mistake of calling them just local stars. There is something more in the air.

It took me some time to realize that but better late than never. They kind of swooped on me. Nowadays, it’s not so often that Icelandic rock bands still perform their songs in other language than English and somehow it always adds more charm to the music created by the band. In opinion of Kata Mogensen, the singer and the author of Mammút’s lyrics, Icelandic is much more natural way to express herself and that´s what the band really wants – the naturalness. And here I have to admit that the way she expresses herself can make a gigantic impression. Behind the microphone, this petite woman shows emotions with her entire body and adds some magic with her woman’s fierce. She plays with a timbre of her voice and allows it to explode, creating her own specific style.

Although it’s not easy task to focus on something else than the mesmerizing leader of the band, it has to be said that Mammút spreads kind of magnetism. It happens I even describe it as a witchcraft. The sound of melodic sometime aggressive guitars give a room a more seductive, mysterious air. What more, a bass can entice listeners and distinguish itself on the sonic surface. It gives the basis for most of the band’s compositions. All the elements are bound by solid drumming skills. The sound of Mammút used to show punk-rock claw but since releasing the last album the direction has changed quite a lot exploring more darker spots in our souls that in a powerful way affects listerners’ minds. The album won a title of the best album of the year and gets a proper attention abroad so I’m not the only one enthusiast. It is clear from the outset when you see their painted faces that it is going to be an emotional ride. With the new material Mammút can hypnotize you and push in the other state of mind with bullets of guitar sounds as well as relax you and calm you down with unhesitating rhythm section and send you for an unexpected journey somewhere far away from your body to let you see new wonders of the world thanks to the voice of Kata and sounds she can create in her throat. Since the moment I heard Salt for the first time live, I have known this kind of witchcraft is my cup of tea.

Catch them live as soon as you can!



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