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Dancing your shoes off – Brim

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Water. Water is all you need. After Brim gig. I mean… Christmas ball. I haven’t danced that much since… ah, since I saw them first time when they danced on a table almost crashing my glass of beer. But of course, I would forgive them as soon as I would see those big smiles on their faces that actually can eat you alive if somehow you didn’t join the party. It was August and I simply ended up in the right place at the right time. I was asked then if I like surf rock. I guess my answer now would be definitely more enthusiastic (damn, ask me again, please!). Well, people who haven’t watched Harold and Maude can definitely talk to my hand (the same will probably happen if you haven’t seen yet Pulp Fiction but here I’m a bit more indulgent…). So from now on those who don’t like surf music can go back home, listen to some 60s surf and maybe then we will talk again.

Brim is a remarkable phenomenon. I used to not prickle with love for bands that finished their adventure around 20 years ago and just came back on stage like nothing has happened nor changed. It reminds me of dinosaurs. But those actually roam the earth so why do I care? I also used to not prickle with love for cover bands. And here we have Brim. Tadam! Can I choke now with my pointless music habits? Their outstanding performances can be only called as balls. They play surf rock in fancy azure suits, can dance on tables, literally shoot you with glee while they play their newer or older songs that actually are 30-50 years old. Wait a minute, what did I just write?! I had to count twice how old is Wipe Out by The Surfaris

Ok, honestly, tie me down if you don’t want me to dance. Put on your dancing shoes! Skirts up! Five men just took the stage. As soon as Bibbi Barti edged to the microphone and asked how was our Christmas and if we got a lot of gifts I was already sure that I will get a special one in a moment. So the show started. He was accompanied also by another guitarist who can be called as well a master of tambourine and other kinds of magic, crazy bass player, shining drummer and saxophonist who wanted to kick out Santa off stage. Does using that many lovely tremolos give you goosebumps too? Brim creates perfect layers for instrumental dance music and I can asure you Bibbi Barti will see if you are getting crazy on a dance floor or you are just lazy. Cause, you know, at least at Misirlou you could dance your shoes off. If everybody is squating ready to make a big jump, you are not a dissident, are you aware? Wanna do something more spectacular than just caper about? No problem, guys will surely entertain you properly. I can guarantee. And don’t let them go home until they will play an encore.

I hope Brim got a lot of positive vibes from the audience as a Christmas gift. I hope also they had as much fun as all the insane dancers at Húrra. Hey, tell your friends in US that they are coming to play at Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in IOWA in January, no jokes. Regale them generously! And shine your shoes for dancing! Woo hoo! So now, for the end, with full consciousness – yes, I do like surf rock.


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