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Agent Fresco @ KEX Hostel photo by Aron F. Þorsteinsson

Drawing lines with Agent Fresco

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These days it’s not that easy to see a math rock quartet Agent Fresco performing live in their hometown. The band has worked on a new material for more than entire last year and we were given a gift of the possibility to listen to new songs on April 30th at Húrra. The new album will be out probably in August (finally) and guess what? It’s going to be an excellent and fresh release but played still in specific Agent Fresco’s style. The next single is released on Friday May 22nd along with all information regarding the second album in Agent Fresco´s career.

After listening to a teaser of the forthcoming album, the first single entitled Dark Water, I became only hungrier for their music. A video for the song again woke up my obsession with water and even deepened it. In addition, they won me with this specific craziness or even madness during performances. As you probably already know, I do not trust bands with bassists who don’t feel with their entire body what they actually play (and here kudos to Vignir for his awareness). So Agent Fresco will not leave you emotionally indifferent to the content of the compositions especially since Arnór Dan has incredible vocal conditions and skills at his disposal.

Húrra was almost bursting at the seams when four musicians of Agent Fresco stepped on the stage. They announced a new video coming soon and except old hits that were sung together with entire impressively gathered crowd the band presented also five premiere songs. They sound good, melodic and maybe not always that aggressive as it happened on the debut album but still they base on well-crafted structures. The band’s drummer doesn’t give up and bombards us with the energy that probably accumulates in his vast haircut. Dark Water is definitely an example of how the band let listeners pass through the emotional high-decibel filter or some other meat grinder.

What I love the most in Agent Fresco is their ability to create an atmosphere of the show. Over the set musicians violently collide elements of soft beauty and aggressive soundscapes. You can feel that the air is simply electrified, the guys are about to burst with a strong desire to play live and everyone in front of the stage turns into sonic sponges that are greedy for sounds. Being hit by this tsunami we tried to swim in such ferocious poly-rhythmic waves of progression. You manage it and love them for this challenge or you concede, weaken and drown so you actually leave the concert before it’s over, at some point defeated. But I tell you something – there’s no fun without risk and challenges.

A Long Time Listening, Paused, Implossions and Eyes Of The Catcher moment that brought tears to my eyes… Arnór’s voice range is impressive and even though I had doubts whether he is the best screamer of Iceland on April 30th I divested myself of this uncertainty. He knows how to do it at full blast without hurting himself nor listeners. Apparently he’s the man with the diaphgram.

Not every day happens that an artist asks the audience for permission to play encore but as I mentioned above Agent Fresco has a strong desire to play live. Of course we would expect the encore…! So I heard Tiger Veil and I fell on my knees knocked down by a blast of the bomb. A screaming gratitude. Or the scream of gratitude. Or both at the same time. Dammit, I want to scream too. I’m in a deep need of shouting my appreciation out. Now, thanks for your attention and good night.

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Interview with Agent Fresco (2014)

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