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Running after pig-legged Lísa – Grísalappalísa at Húrra

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I woke up today and I was hungry. I want to eat some high energy bassline for breakfast. Sounds like Grísalappalísa. Once upon a time, surrounded by the sea of sweat and joy I showed to my kid who is the eccentric king when it comes about live shows of the younger generation bands from Reykjavík. I’m speaking, of course, of Grísalappalísa that has arrived on the Icelandic music scene since 2012 and was born of the ashes of such successful bands as indie-punk Jakobínarina. Although my kid had her first pleasure with Lísa-seekers at Eistnaflug, I wish she could see them for the first time at Húrra and right away feel this fire that occurs only at this venue. I mean Eistnaflug still remains the best festival in the world and the guys gave a wonderful show but next year I want to pack up the crew of the craziest band´s fans and send them in a spaceship straight to Eistnaflug (fuck the fact that your boss didn´t give you days off for the festival).

Those seven magnificent were in high spirits and started the concert with a song entitled Allt má (má út) II: Íslands er lag from the second album, Rökrétt Framhald, thas was released back in 2014. Watch out, they are preparing a live album! Now ég þarf að æla, ég þarf að æla, hvar er ruslatunnan (I have to puke, I have to puke, where is the trashbin), otherwise I will be overload with sonic happiness and this specific energy that only those guys can create. Charismatic frontmen Baldur Baldursson and – yes, that one more scary – Gunnar Ragnarsson began to spin their stories at first calmly and without fireworks but, as you may know, both of them cannot endure long without insanity. Specially when the rest of the team enforces a rapid pace gaining speed up to almost hardcore speed like in a song Hver er ég. Who is able to stand montionless during songs like ABC or Nýlendugata-Pálsbæjarvör-Grótta when the whole arsenal of rock´n´roll steps in action. Uncontrollable musicians dispense energy directly into the veins and without any warning break in the bloodstream with an explosive mixture. Such songs like Þurz or Flýja let us breath for a moment and the attention may be paid more to the Icelandic artistry of words, not post punk.

Melankólía adds spices to the show and we could see the band’s exchange of the instruments. Guitarist became a drummer and the bass switched with an electric guitar. Both vocalists and saxophonist Tumi Árnason continued doing their Thing.

Do not miss the opportunity to a decent experience of the concert and during the show of Grísalappalísa go to the first row! Those seven on stage know what they are doing, especially considering the amount of concerts played both locally and abroad. So far, only gorgeous Gunnar and one of the guitarists Runar Örn Marinósson that blithely sends his guitar to the audience giving listeners at the same time more joy got a blessing for the crowdsurfing. I already thought that something was wrong when during a song entitled Lóan er komin Gunnar didn’t land in the crowd and almost politely spread a fire on stage, but… it cannot be that peacefully! A show doesn’t exist without his trips to the audience. However, not only the guys on stage were privileged to surf on the waves of heads.

It wasn’t the first time that Húrra concert room turned into a sauna where sweat mixed together with glitter and exquisite sounds of Grísalappalísa. I do not know what would happen that I missed out their show in Reykjavík. Over my dead body I will miss it out. Then I would have to ask myself ´Where Is My Mind?´ and it would just remind me that Grísalappalísa is able to improvise up to speed a cover for example of The Pixies song in such a humorous way that it´s impossible to not let them shoot me with a cruise missile. Nobody else does stick an insane smile full of sick joy to my face so beautifully, even though I risk going deaf or burning too much energy. Moreover, my absolute number one is the final song that lasts for 9 minutes – Skrítin Birta that comes from the debut album – and that was all that I desired for that evening! Yes, I did count the time! 9 minutes! The album version takes only 4,5 minutes. Isn’t it called to give 200% of norm?!

And hail to Stuðmenn (and Grísalappalísa playing Reykingar)!

Stína has followed her passion to Icelandic music as a music journalist since 2010. She joined then a writing team of Muzyka Islandzka - a Polish website dedicated to Icelandic music. Spreading her wings, Stína started her adventure with Icelandic language and moved to Reykjavík where she studied the language at the university. She also takes an active part in life of the local music scene. Since 2014 Stína had run a music blog that was transformed in 2017 into a printed magazine on Icelandic music.

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