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Do you need something for gray days to make your feet jump unconsciously? Jazz rock funky Captain Syrup is able to make you lose your breath and sweat all over but they can also make you so happy like you just got the best gift ever. Sounds like the band must be super energetic, right? Indeed, those youngsters proved it with their sweaty set at Bar Ananas on November 5th during Iceland Airwaves festival. What a madness. What a precious experience.

Captain Syrup is an electrifying sonic mixture – adventurous, bold and brave if it comes about experiments and facing challenges. With a dose of imagination, the band’s sound ranges vast from killer funk to mathcore and it will surely make you pop by this party for a while. Add to this a pinch of crazy youth and you can imagine a tempo and progression of the sound. The trio consisting of bass, guitar and drums is from time to time supported by a saxophone player, some rappers and wild screams. So you see that Captain Syrup is truly a weird but soon-to-be quite mighty creature on the Icelandic music scene. Give them a chance to do some funkcore magic in your brain that you can hear live… or on their debut album Promo Scratch released at the end of 2015.

A captivating set of Captain Syrup on the crazy Saturday of Iceland Airwaves was delayed so much that I had to administer caffeine straight to my veins since someone else apparently played one song too much (a charming part of off-venues shows explaining all the delays in the world). But waiting for Captain Syrup’s killer show at the Bar Ananas that evening was totally worth it. As a bass enthusiast I could say that it´s all about that slap bass. But, oink! Only half-truth. The bass is a spectacular weapon of this band. A mysterious skill of hypnotizing with super fast right hand. It can totally turn your head. But it’s not everything yet that Captain Syrup have to offer. Would they be that worth attention if there will be only one enjoyable element? Of course not. Without such a beast of precision and rhythm sensing on drums and a volcano on guitar Captain Syrup wouldn’t be the same.

That evening, I couldn’t complain about a lack of energy on stage. I would even say that those guys finally allowed their sonic taste of humor run wild. Seemed like on such tiny available space Captain Syrup vented emotions that had been cumulated during a long day (it was their 3rd show that day) and sailed far on the wave of good vibe connection with the audience. In short, we survived a blast. A great sin was to stand still while such a bomb on stage was playing Dauður Hestur, Ömmubakstur, Lada Sport, Tales Of Woodman or Rassgatíandlit (imagine you wake up with a hangover like this…). Clearly the band was having fun so people danced their ass off. Rats, that was madness. Despite being four eyes, their gig didn’t stop me from throwing my glasses away and becoming totally blind but led by an extraordinary energy. That evening I would be still super happy and smiling like crazy even if Captain Syrup would already attach their guitar to my face. Unfortunately, the band couldn’t play an encore what was probably a bit sad both for them and the audience (thanks to someone who that evening used too much time before…).

In case you are going to Secret Solstice Festival, you know now what you absolutely can’t miss! And the best thing about this band is that they have a lot of time to evolve and steadily grow bigger.


Stína has followed her passion to Icelandic music as a music journalist since 2010. She joined then a writing team of Muzyka Islandzka - a Polish website dedicated to Icelandic music. Spreading her wings, Stína started her adventure with Icelandic language and moved to Reykjavík where she studied the language at the university. She also takes an active part in life of the local music scene. Since 2014 Stína had run a music blog that was transformed in 2017 into a printed magazine on Icelandic music.

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