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Vök doesn´t keep me waiting anymore

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Sometimes you need just the right moment to say that the show wiped you off the face of the earth. Seeing a band Vök and a solo project called EinarIndra warming up the audience on 21st July 2016 at Húrra, I realised that perhaps that was that moment. It hasn´t been too long since I experienced the same line up at KEX Hostel and then I dreamed of feeling real emotions during live show in a dark, small and enclosed space. So it happened, this space turned out to be the currently best concert venue in downtown. Húrra!

Opening of the evening was made by EinarIndra, electronic/indie solo artist, who this year successfully acquainted Polish audience with his music so I was incredibly curious of him. In a dark surrounding his music and distinctive voice affected on a brain with a broad direct sonic stream. Pleasure. There were precisely such conditions that you need to familiarize yourself with Einar´s electronics that is full of subtle and dark harmonies and soul. Then Sometimes I´m Wrong from the latest EP Stories can spin you around quite well.

In a desperate need of releasing my mind off the leash, I reached the atmosphere and ethereal sounds flowing from the stage where Vök felt so comfortable. This band has become known barely 3 years ago thanks to the victory in a local competiton called Músíktilraunir (The Battle of Bands). It’s amazing how since that memorable performance then that was actually their first ever live show they have spread their wings and gained incredible confidence in front of the crowd that is visible during performaces. The supporting act did a good job and the audience got immediately in the mood.

A sensuous voice of Margrét Rán Magnúsdóttir develops nimbly from almost a whisper that is carried by sigh to the full force of strike that we could hear from the very beginning of the show. This charismatic vocalist also didn´t keep off the electric guitar that she switches for synthesizers. Immediately, it got sweaty. Mostly because of intensity of indie-electro sound. I was guided by a good and strong beat given by the newest member of the band – drummer Einar Hrafn StefánssonVök by Rogier Boogaard ( and I couldn´t stand still because the band has been so on form that it was impossible to not experience their music with all senses. Vök unveiled proudly several new songs that hold a high level and evoked enthusiasm among the audience so definitely it´s worth to wait for the new release. And so cavorting to the rhythm of the bass that from time to time was changed to guitar lines thanks to Ólafur Alexander Ólafsson, I didn´t even know when and how it happened that I started dancing freely limited only by the flowing boundaries set by the prominent saxophone of Andri Már Enoksson. He was a playing/walking/dancing energy source of that evening. I’m surprised by myself that even though it wasn’t my first Vök concert that I’ve gone to, I needed exactly this energy, this place and this time to get carried away. Do you know this state of mind when at the gig you conclude that there is no tomorrow, only here and now? Notably, when my favourite song begins – Waiting. This energy in the crowd in front of the stage..! And this energy on stage where musicians give their 110% of the norm! They simply radiate and do what they love in a beautiful style. A good show needs a huge emotional charge that will let a spark jump between the stage and the audience to set the fire. In case of Vök, the the emotional fire consumed the hall that evening. Anyway, how it supposed to be not hot when they play such songs like Tension, Við Vökum, Waterfall or Circles, to mention just a few?

Vök developed the ability to offer this kind of joy that satisfies you during a concert, regardless of whether you suspended the bar of expectations very high, went without any expectations or even bristling like a porcupine (it happens too). Nothing speaks so well on the band’s behalf as the reaction of the audience that didn’t want to release Vök from the stage, loudly demanding an encore. Ég bíð þín. Magic.

If Vök is playing in your area, lace up your shoes and run. There is a high possibility that nowhere else at that time you will have more fun.

Vök on Facebook and Soundcloud
EinarIndra on Facebook and Soundcloud


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