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Snorri Helgason @ Volta (2013) photo: Justyna Wilczynska

Snorri Helgason will make your morning coffee

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I was made in the mountains. I had spent there summer vacations for at least 13 years so when I close my eyes I can hear music that would suit perfectly to that surrounding. There, in my aunt’s garden at the end of the village are bushes of rose, raspberry and redcurrant. And two apple trees because the third one was knocked down by the storm once. So in my imagination I put on rain boots and with a cup of good coffee in my hand I walk to the garden and sit under the apple tree. And what can I hear? Music by folk singer-songwritter called Snorri Helgason. Look, morning dew is shining in a soft sunlight.

I discovered works of Snorri Helgason a few years ago when he turned out to be a surprise guest at a student festival in Cracow. Almost nobody then heard about him in Poland and my editor-in-chief at was transported with delight on Snorri’s music.

I remember that Snorri Helgason went on stage armed only with his guitar and harmonica… and actually stole the show. And soothed my terrible headache of that day. He received such a warm feedback from not that easy audience (you know what I mean by a student festival?) that I was impressed. Kudos!


Since that day I have been in love with his music skills and had been pretty sure he can do magic as a solo performer… until I came to Iceland. It happened that the first performance I attended in Reykjavík was featuring… guess who. Indeed, Snorri Helgason. But together with his band. So, of course, acoustic versions of his folk-based songs are cute and personal but a full arrangement with this amazing team, that includes Mr. Silla (of Múm and her solo project Mr. Silla) with an angelic voice, amazing bassist Guðmundur Óskar Guðmundsson (of Hjaltalín, Tilbury, Borko and many others) and Magnús Trygvason Eliassen (too many projects to point them out, seriously…) the king of drums, adds to songs even more beauty and definitely shows the intensity of sounds jumping out of Snorri Helgason’s head.

Oh, is your coffee cup empty? Are you thirsty for some Snorri? So one more cup of coffee for the road. Then invite someone for another afternoon lazy time and let yourself chill out with Snorri’s music like I do. Don’t be afraid of sharing nice music, in the end, sharing is caring and the more people around you know about lovely sound the more possible is that soon you will enjoy it live in your town 🙂

Expect a new album in early 2016!

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