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Who´s that Sindri boy?

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Once upon a time I almost ended up learning Swedish instead of Icelandic but then turned out that my way is rather towards engineering. Six years later I was watching a Swedish movie and they were talking over and over again about some pojke. I had no clue what this word means and the only one thing that was coming to my mind then was name of Sindri Már Sigfússon, one of the most extraordinary Icelandic folk musicians in recent years. Well, seems like to fully understand Icelandic music you need a basic understandment of Swedish. A piece of cake when you are aware that he spent part of his childhood in Sweden. Apparently, I wasn’t one of the enlightened by that time. Just to make it clear, pojke means boy, I figured out eventually.

About 3 years ago Sindri created his another side project called Pojke to indulge himself to electronic. Must say that whenever I think of him on the background of Icelandic music scene, he seems to be like Jack White of Iceland. So this time, as Pojke, music composed by Sindri is kind of out of space since the project offers gorgeous electro pop tunes that will make you dance happily with a blessed smile upon your face. The musician is known of being a frontman of indie folk band Seabear that started out as his solo project and is right now in hiatus after releasing two albums (The Ghost That Carried Us Away from 2007 and We Built a Fire from 2010). Sindri is working right now on a new material for his chilled-out experimental folk project called Sin Fang and he already played last month new songs during a lovely and cozy show in Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavík.

Pojke as an experiment surfaced in fall 2012 with the first song entitled She moves through the air that even gained a video directed by Sindri’s talented brother Máni M. Sigfússon, one of my visual masters when it comes about illustrating Icelandic music. Sindri just put the song on his soundcloud, posted the stems and encouraged others to remix it. The result after 2 weeks was 14 extra versions of the same song.

Oh, just c’mon, get on the dancefloor. He deserves some love!

Pojke on Facebook
Sindri Már Sigfússon on Soundcloud

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