Princesses that puke in a glittery way – Æla

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Another dreary day at work. I’m getting a text message: ‘Wanna join me for Æla’s gig?‘ so I’m jumping out early from work. Trying my best in shaking a leg, I can already hear their post-punk sound on my way, carried on Laugavegur. Joyously I’m noticing I’m not the only one who hurries up so I could finally sink in the twilight of the most famous venue in downtown – Kaffibarinn. The door opens and the sound is sucking me in. ‘You’re lucky, they had to wait for the bassist, it’s already the third song‘ – was said in my ear. I feel like someone is puking on me with a brocade. Oh, that’s Snow White and her three naughty girlfriends are playing a show. They are called Æla which translates from Icelandic literally as puke. And no, they are not girls, the show of those guys doesn’t fully exist without dressing up. By a fluke on Sunday, November 8th, was my last and unplanned Airwaves’ show so I bid the festival farewell with the ammount of 10 wonderful gigs tha I had seen since quality is much more important than quantity. Tell me, how is it possible to stand there in Kaffibarinn calmly when those four guys in dresses make such a noise and they are crowded on a small patch of floor in the corner of the club. Not everyone could puke on your face, but believe me, you would let Æla do it. They have been gaining

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