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Running after pig-legged Lísa – Grísalappalísa at Húrra

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I woke up today and I was hungry. I want to eat some high energy bassline for breakfast. Sounds like Grísalappalísa. Once upon a time, surrounded by the sea of sweat and joy I showed to my kid who is the eccentric king when it comes about live shows of the younger generation bands from Reykjavík. I’m speaking, of course, of Grísalappalísa that has arrived on the Icelandic music scene since 2012 and was born of the ashes of such successful bands as indie-punk Jakobínarina. Although my kid had her first pleasure with Lísa-seekers at Eistnaflug, I wish she could see them for the first time at Húrra and right away feel this fire that occurs only at this venue. I mean Eistnaflug still remains the best festival in the world and the guys gave a wonderful show but next year I want to pack up the crew of the craziest band´s fans and send them in a spaceship straight to Eistnaflug (fuck the fact that your boss didn´t give you days off for the festival). Those seven magnificent were in high spirits and started the concert with a song entitled Allt má (má út) II: Íslands er lag from the second album, Rökrétt Framhald, thas was released back in 2014. Watch out, they are preparing a live album! Now ég þarf að æla, ég þarf að æla, hvar er ruslatunnan (I have to puke, I have to puke, where is the trashbin), otherwise I will be overload with sonic

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