This mess Útidúr has been doing

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I miss summer. I miss brigthness that doesn´t allow darkness to appear. You can feel life everywhere and simply you want to do everything. Additionally, summer smells like another bands blossoming on the local scene. Smells like Útidúr that was formed in 2009 in Reykjavík. Its fathers are the singer and guitarist Gunnar Örn Egilsson, who sounds like Icelandic version of Zach Condon of Beirut, and talented keyboardist Kristinn Roach Gunnarsson. Definitely, this chamber-pop with a deep reaching vocal can touch a lot of sensitive hearts. Well, ok, I give up, I wouldn’t have sunk so deep into Icelandic music if I didn’t hear of Útidúr. Since the beginning of my adventure with Útidúr, they have released another album, jaggled members a bit and still remains one of those precious special bands. They have made quite a good mess on Icelandic music scene. This almost little orchestra started with a sweet chamber-pop with elements of jazz and folk hidden under the title The Mess We’ve Made. It’s their debut album that was out in 2010 and has enchanted me since the first listening. For those who stick with a sweet sound (exactly like from Iceland) captured on the debut album the band provides some welcome diversification – nothing surprising in case of such a little orchestra like Útidúr is. Útidúr´s music really shines live with so many layers put by numerous band members. In previous 5 years the band have gone through recording and sharing with the wide world a

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