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CeaseTone – Two Strangers

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*Originally written for – Polish website about Icelandic music, visit the website and share some love there! :) Lately reviewing albums happens rarely to me but while I was listening to something surprising from the Icelandic music shelf and completely fresh in its sound I couldn’t stop myself from sharing good news. A long-awaited debut album of the ambitious young team called CeaseTone has been released at the end of May 2016. When was the last time that you listened to something new that is a fusion of electronic pop and indie rock? Let me offer you something that you actually cannot refuse: put on your headphones or turn the sound up – 10 songs from Two Strangers will take you on a nice trip. This young team is an example of why I love to follow the Icelandic music scene. Three years ago, In 2013, the leader of the project Hafsteinn Þráinnson performed with his solo project CeaseTone at the annual competition for young talents called Músíktilraunir. Then, he presented rather folks songs and dazzled the audience with his playing technique so he earned the title of the best guitarist. Shortly afterwards, I heard his voice for the first time on the radio and it was a memorable moment. The project has grown into a full-scale team including Hafsteinn Þráinnson (guitar, keyboards, vocals), masterful Sólrun Mjöll Kjartansdóttir (drums), Steinar Karlsson (bass) and Jökull Brynjarsson (synthesizers, piano, sampler). With their joint forces, while playing live they show full vigor

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