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When in a lactose mood after a good show

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Summer vacation had come and gone so it has been a bit quiet here. The weekly overview of gigs hasn’t appeared yet and, to be honest, I’m not sure if will arrive this week. Easy to guess, I started feeling guilty for this. Like I owe you some explanation that I don’t forget about you. Yes, you. Luckily I got a sonic treatment in shape of OFF Festival in Poland where Kiasmos reminded me gently why the hell I am in Iceland and why I literally puke with love (a.k.a. admiration and respect) about Icelandic music and local artists. So now I have to share with you 3 (random) thoughts. First, it took me more than 3 years to find someone who plays bass in my favorite way (like my most favorite Polish band playing psycho jazz fusion) that actually makes me stand on tiptoes all the gig to not miss even a second of this perfoming feast. Ladies and gentlemen, MILKHOUSE. It is a jazz influenced indie-rock band from Hafnarfjörður that was formed in the spring of 2012 and consists of five flowers ready to blossom. They released a debut album Baratís í Paradís last year. Go, check, experience the groove live. Second, last week I sacrificed some precious hours of well deserved sleep to finally check out super duo called MILKYWHALE. Yeah, another milk-something, lately I’m in some lactose mood apparently. If you have problems with getting on your feet and you hate your life in the mornings,

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