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Sirens are ringing all around – Low Roar

I wanna feel something again memorable sings Ryan Karazija, the frontman of the Iceland based electronic project called Low Roar. I also want to experience something remarkable, that’s why I took the opportunity to watch Low Roar live at Húrra on March 12th. Half a year has crept by since this band played onstage here in Reykjavík – not including Iceland Airwaves. This is what you get in this town once they spread their wings. I have experienced more or less memorable shows of this trio currently consisting of mentioned before Karazija, Leifur Björnsson (programming) and Logi Guðmundsson (drums) – but this one show turned out to be far better than simply good. And it’s not that easy to me to admit that there are still some artists that are able to turn me inside out. I was witness the brilliant metamorphosis of the butterfly called Low Roar that combines… Keep Reading


Covering Mammút with salt

While travelling with IcelandAir pay attention to what you listen to. I sat comfortably in my seat with a thought that just in a few hours I will cheer eyes up with my favorite view and then I heard… of course Icelandic music, how could it be different? But it was something special to me. I heard songs of a huge creature that the earth rests on its back. It is believed that earthquakes occur if this animal moves. So does my personal little world. It shivers when the creature is kind of resurrected on stage. So here we have Mammút that has attracted attention since 2008 and I believe that since releasing the last album in 2013 entitled Komdu til mín svarta systir, they make magic live. To be honest, I didn’t experience on my own skin how they had changed on stage for that five years but it… Keep Reading


Growling with Skálmöld (and Iceland Symphony Orchestra)

It’s summer evening and entire Reykjavík just went crazy. Plenty of people enjoy Menningarnótt aka the Culture Night and use the opportunity to see numerous bands live as well as check out many art exhibitions. I’m walking down the street and don’t even notice that the song in my head can be heard not only by me. I recognize it and can’t believe it might be true. But that is Menningarnótt. Nothing is impossible and I’m listening to none other than folk metal stars Skálmöld. A few seconds later I’m standing up on Arnarhóll and can see their small silhouettes on a huge stage situated at the bottom of the hill. Although a short performance during Menningarnótt showed only in a low dose how Skálmöld can rock I wait now in anticipation for that one day I will get the opportunity to experience entire full long set. But until then… Keep Reading


Driving you through the snowstorm with Fufanu

The Winter Light Festival is trying to kick the darkness out from the city. Days are getting brighter and seems like a summer depression is slowly sneaking into our life. Open your doors wider, catch some disappearing dimness as long as you can do it. Also let Fufanu in. Or better run after them in the snowstorm if you have an opportunity because it seems like lately they play more abroad than on our playground. That’s what we actually want for them, isn’t it? So good for them. Not that slowly but definitely steady Fufanu makes it to the top. Do you know this unspoken feeling under your skin when you see some band for the first time and in the calm before the storm you know that something meaningful will happen to that team? With a dark, heavy and a bit electronic sound Fufanu creates a specific atmosphere that… Keep Reading


Gimme gimme gimme… goosebumps – CeaseTone

You know what? I lost my faith in many things. For example I do not believe anymore that Iceland raises only (!) phenomenal musicians. So I am picky and sometimes I arrive at a venue with the thought: surprise me, setting the bar quite high at the same time and being sure it won’t be reached. When I’m not in a good mood it’s not that easy to satisfy me with music. However, I heard CeaseTone once in a radio a year ago or so. Hafsteinn Þráinsson, a brain and a boss of the project, played solo. There was only his voice and his guitar. Oops, I did it again and forgot something very important in between. His fingers. And the way they move. Last year CeaseTone played quite a lot around but somehow I didn’t end up at the gig. But the last Saturday at Loft Hostel I couldn’t… Keep Reading


The power of drums – Slagverk

My first summer in Reykjavik was really memorable. And, I guess, forever and ever, it will remind me of two interesting summer projects that were brought to life thanks to a youth center called Hitt Húsið (but primarily thanks to clever minds). One of those projects was Slagverk that combined visual arts, percussion instrumentation… and somehow I have to add also a smell of rain to this list. Every year Hitt Húsið gathers youngs ages from 16 to 25 that want to express themselves in a compelling way and explore fields of art, culture and education. You will probably never experience performances of groups organised in summer specially for this purpose during more than one season. So Slagverk played or rather performed in that shape only in 2013. Still I think there are some things in this town that should be saved from oblivion. Exactly like Slagverk. At least because… Keep Reading


Watching you, watching me, watching Muck

Once upon a time I met in Cracow four pretty cool guys from Reykjavík. They just stopped by my absolutely favorite district and gave a show, one of a dozen of them on their European tour. Before the gig I heard among others about joy of being challenged with new music and new sounds. Those four guys brought to (then) my city a kind of volcanic eruption since as soon as they entered the stage they turned from pretty cool people into crazy, fast and angry creatures teaching me immediately that I will not forget the name of Muck. Indeed, they provoked me. And also they challenged me saying that everything for a forth-coming album is ready but in the end I have waited for Your Joyous Future for over 2,5 year. Here comes out the second album of Muck – finally, February 24th! Damn, I easily became a Master… Keep Reading


Getting lost in the darkness – DIMMA

When the last edition of Iceland Airwaves somehow got me down I decided to finish the night in a proper way to not let me feel that bitter taste of disappointment next day. Sometimes you just want to experience something memorable. So I popped by Gaukurinn to enjoy local hard-rock stars called DIMMA. I think the darkness of Gaukurinn is a natural environment of this band and musicians can easily turn into real animals of the night on stage… in effect, unrelentingly stealing the show. To be honest, they gave my second favourite show of Iceland Airwaves 2014, so long live DIMMA! I don’t like to start from beginning so maybe this time I will try from the end. In short, huge stage experience and impressive skills of four members of DIMMA are jaw-dropping and every time I see this band live I wonder why they spend more time playing… Keep Reading


Now or never – say goodbye to Sudden Weather Change

Each of us has thought probably at least once of the soundtrack of our lives. Without a blink I am able to say that my soundtrack contains Sudden Weather Change songs. I had been waiting to experience this four-piece rock band on the stage for a quite long time and it had taken me more than two years to discover step by step how good they are live. Still, I didn’t expect I will be so excited for that November night in 2013 at Gamli Gaukurinn even though it was my first and at the same time, sadly, the last feast with Sudden Weather Change. Funeral parties at Gamli Gaukurinn are kind of epic, would you agree? Do you know that good feeling when you’re in the right place, with proper people, at the right time? Sudden Weather Change had their admirers not only in the first row although that… Keep Reading


Kickin’ the trash out with Pink Street Boys

This year Reykjavík Grapevine wrote an article about the most interesting bathrooms in 101 and there is definitely something about it. I got used to see in those temples of contemplation many art pieces including even Hate The Comfort drawings (hell yeah, check it out!) but this month I was just hanging out in one of very popular venues of Reykjavik downtown… and while washing my hands I stared at the mirror. Instead of my face I saw three big letters P S B. Exactly in this order. Pink Street Boys. How could I not smile to my thoughts? Some women’s rooms are better than others. That one definitely contained positive vibes. A garage punk band Pink Street Boys claims that the guys are actually the loudest team in the city. I think I’m still able to argue with this thesis because nobody has unplugged them yet during the show… Keep Reading

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