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CeaseTone unveils a new song!

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One year has passed since CeaseTone released their début album Two Strangers and the band hasn’t slowed down with works on new material at all. Today CeaseTone comes back with a new song entitled Brothers and an announcement that the song is the first single from the upcoming Stranded EP that will be released later this summer. Brothers is a nod to singer-songwriting roots of the project. The song opens with a captivating fingerpicking. Hafsteinn’s soft voice wraps around the sound of guitar and although the lyrics speak rather of trying too hard and being a bit lost, there’s something soothing in this composition. Maybe it’s the airiness with which CeaseTone moves within the music space? Around the guitar’s skeleton appear calmly another sonic layers that together create wide and rich soundscapes. Once again CeaseTone proves their care about even tiny details so with each listening you can discover something new. The song is about trying too hard. It’s about the moment when you don’t have your mind in the right place towards how you are communicating with people and life and the thoughts become a storm inside your head. When you don’t know anymore how to be the normal you. This is an endless circle of wanting so desperately to be accepted or to fit in which results in making things even worse by putting your effort into an overdrive, blurring away the way more pleasant normal version of you. TweetLike this:Like Loading...

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