Our new issue celebrates the darkness of winter and introduces you to Icelandic post-rock’s variety, since it’s the best music to fill gloomy days with atmosphere during this season. This time, we’re focusing on Stafrænn Hákon, GlerAkur, Katla, Var and, of course, Sigur Rós. Additionally, we present Eliza Newman and Mosi as rays of sunshine in the middle of winter.

The third issue of Reykjavík On Stage also reflects the best way to experience music and a great way to beat the winter blues – live shows. We’ve all been counting the days until the upcoming Icelandic shows. Let’s start with the fever of Iceland Airwaves caught by the lens of Marcus Getta. Then we got involved in waiting for Kaleo to come on stage in Russia and Sólstafir in Poland and Germany, where Falk-Hagen Bernshausen followed the band step by step. But we didn’t just explore those music feasts in the midst of winter. Juliette Rowland also presented the first very special edition of Norður og Niður in pictures. In addition, we had a peek on the other side of the fence of live performances as Egill Björgvinsson of VAR shared his story of touring Japan.

Table of Contents:

-4- Album Reviews: MIMRA, Epic Rain, KIRA KIRA, FM Belfast, Stafrænn Hákon, Pink Street Boys

-12- Fever of Iceland Airwaves – visual memories of Marcus Getta from Iceland Airwaves 2017

-18- Red stars, blues and vodka (on stage in Moscow) – impressions of Alexandra Tskhovrebova of Kaleo´s live show in Russia

-22- Bella Donna Elíza Newman from Lavaland – interview by Wim Van Hooste

-28- Sólstafir – the autumn tour – Bartek Wilk´s impressions and photographs by Falk-Hagen Bernshausen

-36- Keep your finger on the pulse

-40- Stafrænn Hákon: Ólafur Josephsson in da Hausi – interview by Wim Van Hooste

-50- GlerAkur and Katla: Prophecy Productions invades Iceland – Wim Van Hooste puts the spotlight on the label

-58- Var in the Land of Cherry Blossoms – Egill Björgvinsson talks about the adventure of VAR in Japan

-62- Mosi Music Q&A – interview by Bartek Wilk

-70- Norður og Niður – Iceland´s unmissable festival


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