The 4th issue of the first English-language magazine entirely dedicated to Icelandic music, Reykjavík on Stage, stars band Dream Wife with the interview with the band’s vocalist Rakel Mjöll Leifsdóttir in the light of a very successful and busy year after the band’s debut release, full of touring and spreading the empowering message.

This issue continues to play on the magaazine’s strengths of insightful interviews with Icelandic musicians and bands including this time Kontinuum, Bláskjár, Muted and Vicky. For the enjoyment of Icelandic music fans all over the world Reykjavík On Stage had a close look at rising of brand new music festival in Slovakia focused on Icelandic music – Hvalur Festival, as well as documented the legendary Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavík at its memorable year of changes.

Table of Contents:

-4- Album Reviews: Kontinuum, Árstíðir, Ólafur Arnalds, Berndsen, Grúska Babúska, Seint

-14- From Iceland on a Whale: Hvalur Festival of Icelandic Music in Bratislava – Stína Satanía caught up with the organizers of the festival, Regina Ulejová and Laura Lovišková

-20- Whale Songs – Hvalur Festival – photo impressions

-24- Iceland Airwaves – must see shows by Jeff Obermeyer

-30- High alert on Iceland Airwaves – report from the festival by Stína Satanía

-36- Dream Wife are here, and they’re changing the world – interview by Jeff Obermeyer

-46- Keep your finger on the pulse – meet Ari Árelíus, Ateria, GDRN and Árný

-50- Bláskjár: out of the blue – interview by Wim Van Hooste

-56- Neurons and cells – Birgir Már Þorgeirsson on Kontinuum’s new album – interview by Stína Satanía

-62- Breaking in the Muted skies – interview by Wim Van Hooste

-68- Is Vic(ky) there? – interview by Wim Van Hooste

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