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Catching snowflakes with Árstíðir – Nivalis

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Words by Stína Satanía The review was originally printed in Reykjavík On Stage (Issue 4) As befits the English name of the band, the world of Árstíðir changes with every album – literally, like seasons. Three years have passed since this pop chamber outfit last released an album, Hvel. Much has changed along the way, but from the very beginning of their career, the band performed in a very high gear, which is now deepened with the maturity of their ten years’ experience as performers. One thing remains sure – Árstíðir don’t disappoint despite the quite high degree of my expectations towards their new material. After dropping three albums (Árstíðir in 2009, Svefn og vöku skil in 2011 and Hvel in 2015), the band summed up their progress over the past decade with the 22 June release of Nivalis, which appears in truth as their most mellow, grand and hauntingly…

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Sólstafir – the Autumn Tour

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Words by Bartek Wilk Photograph by Falk-Hagen Bernshausen Sólstafir’s autumn tour encompassed 31 shows in almost all corners of Europe. In Cracow, the only gig in Poland, the band gathered a room full of people, who knew not only the titles of all their songs but also all the lyrics. The interactions between the band and the audience were phenomenal! It created an amazing atmosphere! It turns out that not only Sigur Rós or Kaleo can sell out a concert a few weeks in advance. Sólstafir is the undisputed star of Icelandic music abroad. Happily, I went for my first meeting with the band – and it will certainly not be the last! Warm-up Before discussing the headliner, I must pay homage to those who opened the show in Cracow. Unfortunately, despite driving on the highway as fast as I could, I missed part of Árstíðir’s performance. I did, however,…

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Stories from another world by Árstíðir

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Árstíðir resounds best in small and intimate spaces. Therefore Cafe Rosenberg located in Reykjavík downtown seems to be an ideal venue for this kind of event and the band is totally aware of that. No wonder, since founding the band in 2008 the team has given there their most important performances. In the end vocal harmonies and acoustic sound suit so well to this place. I´m still not sure if I can find proper words to describe the official release concert of Hvel with a pretty good band Hinemoa as a warming-up act that took place there, at Cafe Rosenberg, on October 3rd in front of a packed audience. I like the way you tell stories, they move me to another world (Mér líkar svo vel hvernig þú segir sögur, þær flytja mig í annan heim) – with those words Gunnar Már Jakobsson started the show, playing a baritone guitar…

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