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Droopy Dog at the Olympics

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Words by Wim Van Hooste The review was originally printed in Reykjavík On Stage (Issue 1) At the age of 16, the duo Captain Fufanu (Kaktus and Gulli) mixed dub, techno, house and experimental electronica. But since 2015 there is no Captain anymore on board of the Fufanu boat. Two years after Few more days to go (2015), their debut album on the famous One Little Indian (OLI) records label, Kaktus and Gulli Einarsson found a drummer boy that goes by the name Bang. OLI is known for having a strong umbilical cord to the Icelandic indie foetus since Kaktus’ father Einar Örn’s band The Sugarcubes jumped into the Indie Indian’s teepee. The second coming, ‘Sports’, is another 10-track album. This time it was produced by Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It is a decathlon that kicks off with its arty farty build up title track. Song 2…

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8 new songs you need to hear in February

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2017 started pretty dynamic. Winter darkness heads to the bright side, 6 minutes more each day. One song of the light more each day (or two punk tracks if you prefer…). Around the corner couches hope for a hyperactive summer. So, here you go: 8 new Icelandic songs released in February that you should listen to! Sin Fang, Örvar Smárason, Sóley – Love Will Leave You Cold As it has been planned, this super trio of Sin Fang, Örvar Smárason (of Múm) and Sóley reveals another effect of their collaboration at the end of another month in 2017. Let those sounds mantle you cause in the end love will leave you cold. In its wholeness it’s the best song to safely fall asleep in a stormy snowy weather. Sóley – Never Cry Moon Sóley comes back with a new piano led track entitled Never Cry Moon. She gets ready to…

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Driving you through the snowstorm with Fufanu

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The Winter Light Festival is trying to kick the darkness out from the city. Days are getting brighter and seems like a summer depression is slowly sneaking into our life. Open your doors wider, catch some disappearing dimness as long as you can do it. Also let Fufanu in. Or better run after them in the snowstorm if you have an opportunity because it seems like lately they play more abroad than on our playground. That’s what we actually want for them, isn’t it? So good for them. Not that slowly but definitely steady Fufanu makes it to the top. Do you know this unspoken feeling under your skin when you see some band for the first time and in the calm before the storm you know that something meaningful will happen to that team? With a dark, heavy and a bit electronic sound Fufanu creates a specific atmosphere that…

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