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Keep on fighting, Nolo!

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Enough is enough. Banish the winter blues from your home, fill up your glass with a delicious cocktail and do not forget about a colorful and joyful straw. Brighter days are coming and we are gonna celebrate them. Together with Nolo. Can you already smell summer in the air? I can and it provokes good memories. Nolo is a 80s electronic synth pop-rock duo created by Ívar Björnsson and Jón Gabríel Lorange. The band was founded in 2009 so let’s not forget that the guys are quite experienced. For me, they will always glow with this shiny summerish sound as I reconsidered my feelings for them the first months after I came to Iceland (sunshine, warmth, no wind…!?). In the old days in 2011 I thought Nolo just creates cheerful melodies that are a good background for careless jumping in puddles right after it stopped raining, when the sun is…

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