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The power of drums – Slagverk

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My first summer in Reykjavik was really memorable. And, I guess, forever and ever, it will remind me of two interesting summer projects that were brought to life thanks to a youth center called Hitt Húsið (but primarily thanks to clever minds). One of those projects was Slagverk that combined visual arts, percussion instrumentation… and somehow I have to add also a smell of rain to this list. Every year Hitt Húsið gathers youngs ages from 16 to 25 that want to express themselves in a compelling way and explore fields of art, culture and education. You will probably never experience performances of groups organised in summer specially for this purpose during more than one season. So Slagverk played or rather performed in that shape only in 2013. Still I think there are some things in this town that should be saved from oblivion. Exactly like Slagverk. At least because…

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