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Snorri Helgason

Q&A w/Snorri Helgason

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Words by Bartek Wilk Snorri Helgason – singer-songwriter, former member of Sprengjuhöllin, promoter, manager You are a very experienced musician. At 19 years of age, you quit your job and completely focused on music. Looking back to these times, when you released your first album with Sprengjuhöllin, what – as a beginner artist – did you dream of? What were your expectations of the music market? Well it’s been 10 years since I made that first album with Sprengjuhöllin. A lot has happened since then. A lot of things have changed in the music business and in the world in general. We didn’t have Spotify, and Youtube was just starting to grow. People were still buying CDs and downloads to load onto their ipods. Artistically I don’t know what I expected from that first album but it was a surprise hit in my home country. We sold something like 10.000…

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Opole Songwriters Festival 2017

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Reykjavík On Stage is happy to announce that Snorri Helgason and Myrra Rós will return to Poland on September 30th. Their next shows will happen during Opole Songwriters Festival, the most intimate Polish music festival. The event will take place in the Jan Kochanowski Theather in Opole on September 30th and October 1st. Except Icelandic artists, there will be also both Polish and international acts such as LORNA (UK), LOR (PL), LEEPECK (PL), A.S. FANNING (DE) and others. The initiative has been supporting debutants, discovering new talents and promoting singer-songwriters since 2012. In collaboration with the Jan Kochanowski Theather in Opole, the festival is organised by Opole Cultural Association (Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne Opole). Come and hang out from 8 p.m. on both Saturday (30th) and Sunday (1st). One-day tickets cost only 30 PLN in presale, 40 PLN on the day of the concerts. Weekend pass is a cost of 50 PLN!…

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Snorri Helgason will make your morning coffee

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I was made in the mountains. I had spent there summer vacations for at least 13 years so when I close my eyes I can hear music that would suit perfectly to that surrounding. There, in my aunt’s garden at the end of the village are bushes of rose, raspberry and redcurrant. And two apple trees because the third one was knocked down by the storm once. So in my imagination I put on rain boots and with a cup of good coffee in my hand I walk to the garden and sit under the apple tree. And what can I hear? Music by folk singer-songwritter called Snorri Helgason. Look, morning dew is shining in a soft sunlight. I discovered works of Snorri Helgason a few years ago when he turned out to be a surprise guest at a student festival in Cracow. Almost nobody then heard about him in…

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