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Sudden Weather Change

Bergur Thomas Anderson: My 10 Most Influential Icelandic Albums Of All Time

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Words by Stína Satanía Bergur Thomas Anderson is a very active member of the Icelandic music scene, who over the years played bass in no fewer than 3 well-known bands: Sudden Weather Change (rock), Oyama (shoegaze) and Grísalappalísa (post-punk). He currently resides in Amsterdam, where he is following the Master Artistic Research program at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, while at the same time honing his skills as a musician and visual artist. Exclusively for readers of Reykjavík On Stage, Bergur consented to reveal the 10 Icelandic albums of all time that shaped him as a musician. (more…)

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Now or never – say goodbye to Sudden Weather Change

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Each of us has thought probably at least once of the soundtrack of our lives. Without a blink I am able to say that my soundtrack contains Sudden Weather Change songs. I had been waiting to experience this four-piece rock band on the stage for a quite long time and it had taken me more than two years to discover step by step how good they are live. Still, I didn’t expect I will be so excited for that November night in 2013 at Gamli Gaukurinn even though it was my first and at the same time, sadly, the last feast with Sudden Weather Change. Funeral parties at Gamli Gaukurinn are kind of epic, would you agree? Do you know that good feeling when you’re in the right place, with proper people, at the right time? Sudden Weather Change had their admirers not only in the first row although that…

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