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Don’t Leave Me This Way

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Words by Wim Van Hooste Reykjavík On Stage had a chat with Arnar Guðjónsson, a 39-year-old musician, producer and sound engineer based in Reykjavík. Arnar has been playing in various bands since the age of 13. In 2001, he formed a band called Leaves who released four albums over the next years. As of late, Arnar has been writing music for films, TV shows and commercials, all the while producing albums and songs for a bunch of other musicians and bands (Kaleo, Quarashi, Axel Flóvent, Dream Wife, Ensími, Pollapönk, Skálmöld and HAM to name a few). Hi Arnar! Your solo album Grey Mist of Wuhan was released in 2016. Can you tell us how it came to be? It was heavily inspired by China, isn’t it? I’ve done a few tours in China over the last 6 years. First with Bang Gang and then later with Leaves. I visited Wuhan…

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Finger On The Pulse #03

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Words by Stína Satanía Warmland As the Warmland duo is a combo of such experienced musicians and producers as Arnar Guðjónsson (Leaves) and Hrafn Thoroddsen (Ensími), the band sets the bar of expectations quite high. They have played together in Bang Gang, but with their new project, these partners in crime bring to the world warm and sunny music in a pop style which in an elegant way blends 70s pop, 80s mood and elements of drum and bass. The silky vocals of Arnar add lightness to this package. The duo promises to release a debut album pretty soon and we can already enjoy three tracks: ‘Lyda’, ‘Unison’ and ‘Overboard’. Facebook: warmlandofficial (more…)

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Iceland Airwaves 2018 by Jeff Obermeyer

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I still remember our first Iceland Airwaves like it was yesterday. My wife and I landed at Keflavík in darkness after an overnight flight from Seattle, and when we stepped outside to board the bus to Reykjavík, we were greeted with rain attacking us at a 45-degree angle as the wind blew in off the Atlantic, half-soaking us before we could scramble on board. Welcome to Iceland in October! That was in 2009, and we’ve been back for every Airwaves since. Over the years, we’ve approached Airwaves in many different ways. We’ve rented cars so we could go do touristy stuff; we’ve done enough record shopping to get us on a first-name basis with more than one shop owner; and we’ve made a tradition of soaking at the Blue Lagoon on Sundays. But at the end of the day, Airwaves is about the music, and one of the things we’ve…

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