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Unnur Sara

The newest band of Iceland – Sprezzatura

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Unnur Sara Eldjárn, who released last year her solo album, and Óli Hrafn Jónasson, known also as Holy Hrafn, met at Secret Solstice this year and soon after that they started making music together as Sprezzatura. The project is about one month old and has already shared a brand new song entitled Ert´ ekk´ í fíling that is a rhetorical question ‘aren´t you in mood’? So get into summer evening mood and listen to Sprezzatura! Speaking about the duo’s name, Óli Hrafn referenced to Shakespeare. While writing an essay about the poet long time ago, the term sprezzatura caught his attention. It means a certain nonchalance, studied carelessness, illusion of effortless. Sprezzatura popped up recently in his mind because he finds it an interesting word. Watch out! Everybody will be in mood 27th August at Gaukurinn when the duo will perform live the first time. Don’t be afraid also to…

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