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Eistnaflug 2015

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Today it seems like Eistnaflug reality was actually in some other dimension long time ago. But it happened. So far, it’s my third festival season in Iceland and in a state of peace of mind I can tell you I’m satisfied for the rest of 2015. Finally, I´d observed the most famous Icelandic metal festival for a few years. It´d been rather like licking candy through the wrapper. So I packed my backpack and tent and went to the small fjord in eastern Iceland with a town called Neskaupstaður that has a population of 1500 people. The amount of festivalgoers this year reached up to 3000. We are powerful, aren’t we? (more…)

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Burning Ottoman and Alchemia

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Years ago I had a neighbor who played drums. I have never seen him in action but I guess at least a half of the huge apartment building, that I lived in and, moreover, there were more or less 140 apartments, could hear him while he was vigorously mastering his skills barely 2 floors away from me. My mom, who loves rather singer-songwriters than hard rock, has been describing him in those words: he’s a good child but he throws pancakes through the window from the 5th floor and plays drums like a caveman. I’m wondering now what would she say about Ottoman’s drummer since even I am able to say that he mistreats his drum-kit… in a good way. But going back to the point, before I will tell you a story how crazy Ottoman stole the show at Gaukurinn on March 21st a band called Alchemia deserves to…

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