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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Icelandic hard rock Ottoman comes back to hit the local rock scene with huge power. Famous for their explosive performances both in Iceland as well as abroad, the band still doesn’t lack energy. Their sound goes full-on rock’n’roll with vigorous and driving guitar riffs, tough and powerful basslines and massive drums. These sounds make Ottoman the purveyor of melodic and dynamic vibes that have the potential to become brainworms. This groove-infested material will pop up at the least expected moment during your daily routing, making you crave more Ottoman insanity. These guys sharpen their fangs with rough and heavy singles ‘Fire in a Hole’, ‘Perfect Way To Go’ and ‘Burn the witch’ that announce their promising full-length debut album coming soon. This band should truly be on your radar for their future releases.

Photo by Marinó Flóvent

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