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Lizardfest 2018

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Are you in Reykjavík on May 15th and have no plans for the evening? Let Lizardfest suck you in! It’s a rock music festival that takes place at the well-known concert venue Gaukurinn (Tryggvagata 22). The festival is held to honour the memory of Bjarni Jóhannes Ólafsson, who was the frontman of stoner/party rock band Churchhouse Creepers. They flooded it’s way into the Icelandic music scene like a tsunami in 2015. Bjarni had been figthing depression and anxiety for some years, and lost that battle in April 2017, nevertheless, we want to keep this awesome party going (that he started), like Bjarni himself would have wanted wrote Dagur Atlason, member of Churchhouse Creepers, in the statement about the event. We´ve managed to put together a pretty awesome line-up with bands consisting with most of his best friends including one of his all time favourite band, Elder which was founded in 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts. They have since then released five LP´s, demos and EP´s. Elder has marked their name in the scene over the last years and built up a fan base all around the world, so having them over to Reykjavík is pretty big to us, you can surely say that it is in the spirit of Bjarni because he was all about going big or going home. Come on down to Gaukurinn at 19:00 on 15th of May and join the party! First on stage is the punk/sludge band Döpur, consisting of Krummi (Mínus, Legend and more), his

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