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Go through The Four Doors Of The Mind with Dynfari

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Do you feel like you need something meaningful? The newest album of Dynfari, The Four Doors Of The Mind, is very complex and weaves gracefully between black metal and post-rock. It also proves that music written from the bottom of the heart will pull the right strings in the listener. So breathe in, go and get mesmerized by Dynfari. It´s June 10th. A bit more than two years has passed and I’m waiting again for another important moment in the history of Dynfari. The release show of their 4th album The Four Doors Of The Mind kicks off in only a few minutes. Could it take place in a more proper space than Gaukurinn? The answer is: no. I’m standing there close to the curtain, which divides bar and gig zone, and I´m feeling almost like being on the other side of the mirror. Excitement of beginning my journey through…

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Journey of the time with Dynfari

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Stimulate my imagination. Dynfari with its atmospheric black metal has achieved that. They promised me a trip to another world. Experiencing live the new material from the album entitled Vegferð tímans I was profoundly moved by Dynfari and, in fact, provoked in an artistic way. Some of you have probably already heard of Dynfari since 2010 when the band was formed but I will not stop myself from giving you a meaningful comparison. The band that consists of four members on a stage (Jóhann Örn – vocal and guitar, Jón Emil – drums, Hjálmar – bass and Bragi – guitar) works for me with such a force as Sigur Rós did in the initial dark period that accompanied me while I was taking my first steps into my very own Icelandic world. You know, those times when Jónsi was still long-haired and Kjartan was joking that they play in honor…

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