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Norður Og Niður – Iceland´s Unmissable Festival

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Words by Stína Satanía Photograph by Juliette Rowland Most of us immediately associate Iceland with Sigur Rós or the Icelandic Queen of Innovation in Music, Björk. Certainly, they are responsible for promoting the country to the outside world. Unsurprisingly, when the members of Sigur Rós organised and curated their own festival on their home ground in Reykjavík, the celebration was a massive success, attracting festivalgoers from 50 countries, all of them fans of Sigur Rós. It is undeniable that this legendary Icelandic band has assembled an amazing community over the years. (more…)

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All The Kinder Versions Of Mammút

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Words by Stína Satanía The review was originally printed in Reykjavík On Stage (Issue 2) The Icelandic five-piece Mammút mix a high emotional depth with a thick and dark rock sound on their fourth album Kinder Versions, released on 14 July via the London-based Bella Union. The band signed to the foreign label last year, making Kinder Versions their long-awaited international breakout. This release also brings another change, with only English lyrics on the album, a first for the band. Mammút sprang to life in 2003. The band evolved into a quintet and quickly became a fixture of the local scene. In spite of numerous sonic changes over the course of their career, they steadily grew in power and personality. With a spectacular fourth album, Mammút are now ready to shake the world with the ambling basslines of their prehistoric steps. The highest quality is here, from the very first…

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Iceland Airwaves 2018 by Jeff Obermeyer

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I still remember our first Iceland Airwaves like it was yesterday. My wife and I landed at Keflavík in darkness after an overnight flight from Seattle, and when we stepped outside to board the bus to Reykjavík, we were greeted with rain attacking us at a 45-degree angle as the wind blew in off the Atlantic, half-soaking us before we could scramble on board. Welcome to Iceland in October! That was in 2009, and we’ve been back for every Airwaves since. Over the years, we’ve approached Airwaves in many different ways. We’ve rented cars so we could go do touristy stuff; we’ve done enough record shopping to get us on a first-name basis with more than one shop owner; and we’ve made a tradition of soaking at the Blue Lagoon on Sundays. But at the end of the day, Airwaves is about the music, and one of the things we’ve…

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Get ready for Mammút’s tornado

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Words by Stína Satanía The lights in the huge concert hall turned off. Five people dressed in black began their last show of the week at Iceland’s biggest music festival. The band on stage, Mammút, has been known on the local scene for their dark, melodic, post-punk style for over a decade. On that last night of Iceland Airwaves 2016, Mammút had the privilege of warming up for one of the biggest acts of the festival, PJ Harvey, and they presented brand new material from their upcoming (at the time) fourth album, Kinder Versions. The very first sounds I heard on the stage suggested that the new album was going to be something special. Some months later, I had the honour of speaking with guitarist Alexandra Baldursdóttir and frontwoman Katrína Mogensen about the new album. (more…)

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Mammút on European tour in May

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Hey, the Netherlands! UK! Germany! Romania! Be sure to not miss out any of upcoming concerts of the Icelandic rock band Mammút in May 2017 (16th – 25th). More details on the official website of the band. Mammút is a 5-piece rock band formed in 2003 in Reykjavík. In 2004 the band won The Battle Of The Bands contest and has gained popularity in Iceland and internationally. Mammút has signed a publishing contract with Bella Union’s in 2015 and their 4th album entitled Kinder Versions will be out July 14th! Check out Breathe Into Me below. The previous album, Komdu til mín svarta systir, received a critical acclaim and earned Mammút eight nominations at the 2013 Icelandic Music Awards from which the band eventually won in three categories: Album of the Year – Pop & Rock, Song of the Year – Pop & Rock (for their single Salt), and Album…

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Covering Mammút with salt

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While travelling with IcelandAir pay attention to what you listen to. I sat comfortably in my seat with a thought that just in a few hours I will cheer eyes up with my favorite view and then I heard… of course Icelandic music, how could it be different? But it was something special to me. I heard songs of a huge creature that the earth rests on its back. It is believed that earthquakes occur if this animal moves. So does my personal little world. It shivers when the creature is kind of resurrected on stage. So here we have Mammút that has attracted attention since 2008 and I believe that since releasing the last album in 2013 entitled Komdu til mín svarta systir, they make magic live. To be honest, I didn’t experience on my own skin how they had changed on stage for that five years but it…

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