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Mono Town

Going by lift to heaven – Mono Town

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Have you ever received a birthday gift that knocked your socks off? I was enough lucky to get an entire festival for my first birthday celebrated in Iceland, woohoo! I will endlessly bless organizers of Reykjavik Music Mess for that. Seeing a band like Mono Town closing the third and the last day of the festival was the kind of experience that will get stuck for a long time in your mind. It was Sunday, around midnight so people started leaving the concert room of venue called Volta that no longer exists (under the name Volta… but right now it’s our good good Húrra) because next day was Monday and the last foreign artists just got off stage (yeah, Withered Hand, you were so good). Before the gig I hadn’t known much about the band except the fact they are pretty promising team. Ok, shame on me. Now I understand…

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