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Driving you through the snowstorm with Fufanu

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The Winter Light Festival is trying to kick the darkness out from the city. Days are getting brighter and seems like a summer depression is slowly sneaking into our life. Open your doors wider, catch some disappearing dimness as long as you can do it. Also let Fufanu in. Or better run after them in the snowstorm if you have an opportunity because it seems like lately they play more abroad than on our playground. That’s what we actually want for them, isn’t it? So good for them. Not that slowly but definitely steady Fufanu makes it to the top. Do you know this unspoken feeling under your skin when you see some band for the first time and in the calm before the storm you know that something meaningful will happen to that team? With a dark, heavy and a bit electronic sound Fufanu creates a specific atmosphere that is mostly assimilable in a dim light. They make an immense impression exploring and composing within dark cold wave genre. Well, I saw them almost sunbaking – men in black – on the stage but I felt then a bit like a vampire, cause the sun burnt too much and shone too much. Apparently, my tolerance for vitamin D seems to be limited while listening to Fufanu. I envied them those black classy sunglasses and thought I’m looking forward to listening to them in the wintertime. Try it then. The duo grows up specially for concerts into 5-piece team of

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