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Once upon a time I met in Cracow four pretty cool guys from Reykjavík. They just stopped by my absolutely favorite district and gave a show, one of a dozen of them on their European tour. Before the gig I heard among others about joy of being challenged with new music and new sounds. Those four guys brought to (then) my city a kind of volcanic eruption since as soon as they entered the stage they turned from pretty cool people into crazy, fast and angry creatures teaching me immediately that I will not forget the name of Muck. Indeed, they provoked me. And also they challenged me saying that everything for a forth-coming album is ready but in the end I have waited for Your Joyous Future for over 2,5 year. Here comes out the second album of Muck – finally, February 24th! Damn, I easily became a Master of Waiting (instead of Science or Arts). Muck is well-known on the local music scene of warming up the crowd extremely fast with its headline-grabbing hardcore during bewildering gigs. They definitely make some noise on the stage and some mess in the audience… if you are brave enough to spend their show in front of the crowd. Undisputedly, Muck is never selfish when it comes about their crazy power. Whilst there are bands that give 100% of the energy on stage those guys set the bar definitely higher and reach it smoothly every time. Tick-tock, just wait for this bomb

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