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Mighty Bear

Mighty Bear

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Mighty Bear has mastered the creation of eerie atmospheres throughout his entire (not that short) career, with other projects on the Icelandic music scene. It’s no surprise that his solo debut at Iceland Airwaves 2017 created a buzz all over town about this artist in a black cape and hidden behind a mysterious mask. Not more than a year after the festival, Mighty Bear released his gloomy EP debut Einn (translated as One or Alone) that lasts roughly 10 minutes. Known for his haunting abstract synth soundscapes and soft, melancholic vocals, Mighty Bear doesn’t refrain from rearranging his dark electronic sound into a heartbreakingly beautiful acoustic setting on the example of a stripped version of ‘Burt’, which also was accompanied by a video. That’s an artist who is as mysterious as he is glamorous while performing on stage and has already done shows abroad. If you love Icelandic sombreness and…

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