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Photo by Gustavo Marcelo Blanco

If there’s one artist in Reykjavík who, with her stage performance, can wake me up better than a triple espresso and in less time than one song, it’s Skaði. Dipping her toes in Nordic mythology from where she took her name (a goddess associated with winter), Skaði is a music producer, an outstanding and captivating performer and a visual artist. Whatever she does in any art field, she pours her entire heart and soul into it. She dropped her debut album in November 2018 in the form of an old-school cassette as befits the underground FALK (Fuck Art Let’s Kill) label that released it. On Jammið, the message is strong, and Skaði plays all the instruments by herself. The album reveals expected grime electro-punk beats that dissolve into a mesmerizing bass as well as the somewhat avant-garde guitar lines that wind around the song’s cores. I heartily recommend catching Skaði’s live shows.

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Facebook: skadimuzik
Instagram: skadi_thordardottir

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