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Myrkvi is Magnús Thorlacius’ moniker as a solo musician, but some might already discover him as a member of an indie rock band called Vio. The band won the Icelandic annual Battle of the Bands (Músíktilraunir) in 2014, and Magnús was named the Best Singer of that edition. Critically acclaimed band´s debut was showered with several awards’ nominations. Sonic experience growing step by step and determination in the creative process have led Magnús to release his first solo song ‘Sér Um Sig’. Check it out!

Myrkvi plans to take the world by storm in 2020, presenting a fresh sound to all fans of Icelandic indie music. The force is strong with this one, as he kicks off his live shows thread right away in Germany! ‘Sér Um Sig’ is just a beginning, to be followed by more songs and an album release in the summer. Myrkvi’s music makes you feel good with its acoustic, indie vibes flavoured with jangly guitars and wholehearted melodies. Cordial vocals resonate with a rusty horizon, adding a fresh, yet familiar, breeze to the scenery. Make yourself a pleasure and click play.

Photo by Melina Rathjen

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