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On Abbey Road With Biggi Hilmars

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Words by Wim Van Hooste Photo by María Kjartans ( Reykjavík On Stage had the opportunity to have a chat with multitalented musician Biggi Hilmars. He is well known for his previous work with Ampop and Blindfold. Hello Biggi Hilmars! You recently recorded in the Abbey Road Studios with the London Chamber Orchestra in 2016. That must have been a fantastic experience. Funnily when I first came into the hall in Studio 2 it didn’t look like much. It felt like an old gymnasium at elementary school. But when the orchestra began to play the music and we heard the music, I got silly amounts of goose bumps, which made me realize the privilege I was experiencing. Not to mention working in such high-quality conditions at Abbey Road Studios with world class musicians was invaluable. (more…)

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Eistnaflug 2015

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Today it seems like Eistnaflug reality was actually in some other dimension long time ago. But it happened. So far, it’s my third festival season in Iceland and in a state of peace of mind I can tell you I’m satisfied for the rest of 2015. Finally, I´d observed the most famous Icelandic metal festival for a few years. It´d been rather like licking candy through the wrapper. So I packed my backpack and tent and went to the small fjord in eastern Iceland with a town called Neskaupstaður that has a population of 1500 people. The amount of festivalgoers this year reached up to 3000. We are powerful, aren’t we? (more…)

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Growling with Skálmöld (and Iceland Symphony Orchestra)

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It’s summer evening and entire Reykjavík just went crazy. Plenty of people enjoy Menningarnótt aka the Culture Night and use the opportunity to see numerous bands live as well as check out many art exhibitions. I’m walking down the street and don’t even notice that the song in my head can be heard not only by me. I recognize it and can’t believe it might be true. But that is Menningarnótt. Nothing is impossible and I’m listening to none other than folk metal stars Skálmöld. A few seconds later I’m standing up on Arnarhóll and can see their small silhouettes on a huge stage situated at the bottom of the hill. Although a short performance during Menningarnótt showed only in a low dose how Skálmöld can rock I wait now in anticipation for that one day I will get the opportunity to experience entire full long set. But until then…

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