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On Abbey Road With Biggi Hilmars

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Words by Wim Van Hooste
Photo by María Kjartans (

Reykjavík On Stage had the opportunity to have a chat with multitalented musician Biggi Hilmars. He is well known for his previous work with Ampop and Blindfold.

Hello Biggi Hilmars! You recently recorded in the Abbey Road Studios with the London Chamber Orchestra in 2016. That must have been a fantastic experience.

Funnily when I first came into the hall in Studio 2 it didn’t look like much. It felt like an old gymnasium at elementary school. But when the orchestra began to play the music and we heard the music, I got silly amounts of goose bumps, which made me realize the privilege I was experiencing. Not to mention working in such high-quality conditions at Abbey Road Studios with world class musicians was invaluable.

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