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Spin the full circle with Ceasetone

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I can actually still sign with all my limbs under emotions I expressed after the evening that I saw an indie-electro-rock band Ceasetone in action at Loft Hostel the first time although it has been one year since then. Now, at the same venue I was offered to watch a premiere screening of the video for the song entitled The Bright Side that by the way was produced by no one else than the guitarist, singer and brain of Ceasetone – Hafsteinn Þráinsson.

Ceasetone was formed in 2012 as an acoustic solo project of Hafsteinn and two years later expanded a big rich sound escaping sometimes into experimental and jazzy soundscapes performed by four piece that consists of young and talented musicians – Hafsteinn was joined by Sólrún Mjöll Kjartansdóttir on drums, Jökull Brynjarsson on synths and keyboard and Steinar Karlsson on bass. The band is actively preparing to release a debut album in spring 2016. Two Strangers coming soon! I simply can´t wait to listen to it.

Except a video´s feast for eyes on February 27th, we got also something for our ears. The band played a bunch of songs in front of a cheerful crowd proving that they are ready to achieve first successes on US stages where they are heading in March. I can bet that Ceasetone will steal at least a few faithful hearts. Do I really have to explain why? Well, it has to be something in it since this team got a chance of performing at All Tomorrow´s Parties in Iceland in 2015 after winning a 150 band competition. That´s something, right? After all, Ceasetone know how to fight for its sonic right. Hafsteinn Þráinsson was chosen in 2013 the best guitarist of the local annual young talents competition Battle of Bands (Músíktilraunir). Believe me, he does magic especially with his fingerpicking as befits a person who has mastered their instrument for half of their life.

Ceasetone made me felt goosebumps the first time I saw them and now constantly at every performance make me smile in delight. Even if they don´t perform as an entire band. With a great power they knock my socks off with their absolute potential and marvellous skills manifesting themselves in mixture of acoustic sounds, post-rock, progressive rock and electronic elements. All of it in its full glory. They make me feel that playing drums is a pure poetry to my ears when Sólrún Mjöll wields drumsticks. Also, no shred of doubt that Hafsteinn creates magic with his guitar spreading energy widely. The band gives itself with entireness to the performing on stage.

So, that night, February 27th, Ceasetone was totally relaxed on stage and without any difficulties introduced a bunch of songs including 3 singles from up-coming release. They offer pretty mesmerizing, atmospheric and intense sound that results in very energetic experience. The third single from a new album entitled The Bright Side was debuted live that evening. The band brought a lovely female singer on stage, if by any chance the innate charm of this team was not enough… or maybe it´s a charm of left-handed geniuses, who knows? Among other songs we heard also Sight Of Your Life that turns out to be the second single and my so far favorite Full Circle (with this amazing explosion). Now I´m totally hungry for the entire new album since they don´t stop surprising me.

If somebody mention to check out Ceasetone do not hesitate. So I´m recommending those guys here and now.

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