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Running after pig-legged Lísa – Grísalappalísa at Húrra

I woke up today and I was hungry. I want to eat some high energy bassline for breakfast. Sounds like Grísalappalísa. Once upon a time, surrounded by the sea of sweat and joy I showed to my kid who is the eccentric king when it comes about live shows of the younger generation bands from Reykjavík. I’m speaking, of course, of Grísalappalísa that has arrived on the Icelandic music scene since 2012 and was born of the ashes of such successful bands as indie-punk Jakobínarina. Although my kid had her first pleasure with Lísa-seekers at Eistnaflug, I wish she could… Keep Reading


Eistnaflug 2015

Today it seems like Eistnaflug reality was actually in some other dimension long time ago. But it happened. So far, it’s my third festival season in Iceland and in a state of peace of mind I can tell you I’m satisfied for the rest of 2015. Finally, I´d observed the most famous Icelandic metal festival for a few years. It´d been rather like licking candy through the wrapper. So I packed my backpack and tent and went to the small fjord in eastern Iceland with a town called Neskaupstaður that has a population of 1500 people. The amount of festivalgoers… Keep Reading

Kontinuum photo by Kuggur


Finally, the countdown ended in the darkness of Gaukurinn that is a venue located in Reykjavík downtown. It was Friday night, June 12th, this time of year when Iceland is still sunny even after midnight. The day of musical fireworks has come so with an elevated level of excitement and armed with a beer I was ready for the show that would proudly start my weekend. Only bands like progressive post-metal Kontinuum and hardcore Muck know how to scratch me behind the ears effectively. This year I was told by a person experienced on Icelandic music scene that Kontinuum is… Keep Reading


Journey of the time with Dynfari

Stimulate my imagination. Dynfari with its atmospheric black metal has achieved that. They promised me a trip to another world. Experiencing live the new material from the album entitled Vegferð tímans I was profoundly moved by Dynfari and, in fact, provoked in an artistic way. Some of you have probably already heard of Dynfari since 2010 when the band was formed but I will not stop myself from giving you a meaningful comparison. The band that consists of four members on a stage (Jóhann Örn – vocal and guitar, Jón Emil – drums, Hjálmar – bass and Bragi – guitar)… Keep Reading


Blood of my blood – Klikk

Welcome to the land of the winter sleep… but I mean more for bands than for animals. Some of the local bands have a nap due to a wealth of the side projects (in this particular case I want to write today about it’s been no less than five, at least as many as band members) then they wake up with a new energy, new songs, surely ready for the conquest of the world or at the very least their own backyard. So it happened to hardcore punkers in Klikk. The previous gig took place in November and the band… Keep Reading

Agent Fresco @ KEX Hostel photo by Aron F. Þorsteinsson

Drawing lines with Agent Fresco

These days it’s not that easy to see a math rock quartet Agent Fresco performing live in their hometown. The band has worked on a new material for more than entire last year and we were given a gift of the possibility to listen to new songs on April 30th at Húrra. The new album will be out probably in August (finally) and guess what? It’s going to be an excellent and fresh release but played still in specific Agent Fresco’s style. The next single is released on Friday May 22nd along with all information regarding the second album in… Keep Reading

Oyama @ Reykjavik Music Mess 2013

Staring into space of Oyama

Beautiful, spacious and covered with a mystical fog. With a bit psychedelic and impressive elements of dream-pop but still hold in frames of 90s alternative rock. Oyama, our one and only Icelandic shoe gaze band these days. I have enjoyed following their stage progress since early 2013 when they released a debut EP and heard them live so many times that it automatically raises the bar of my expectations. On Thursday evening, April 30th, Oyama clambered to the stage at Húrra to warm up the crowd waiting with a beer in hands for Agent Fresco. The founder of this shoegazers’… Keep Reading


Keep on fighting, Nolo!

Enough is enough. Banish the winter blues from your home, fill up your glass with a delicious cocktail and do not forget about a colorful and joyful straw. Brighter days are coming and we are gonna celebrate them. Together with Nolo. Can you already smell summer in the air? I can and it provokes good memories. Nolo is a 80s electronic synth pop-rock duo created by Ívar Björnsson and Jón Gabríel Lorange. The band was founded in 2009 so let’s not forget that the guys are quite experienced. For me, they will always glow with this shiny summerish sound as… Keep Reading


Burning Ottoman and Alchemia

Years ago I had a neighbor who played drums. I have never seen him in action but I guess at least a half of the huge apartment building, that I lived in and, moreover, there were more or less 140 apartments, could hear him while he was vigorously mastering his skills barely 2 floors away from me. My mom, who loves rather singer-songwriters than hard rock, has been describing him in those words: he’s a good child but he throws pancakes through the window from the 5th floor and plays drums like a caveman. I’m wondering now what would she… Keep Reading


Provoking Muck, Pink Street Boys and Oyama on Friday the 13th

I’m about to make a deal with this crazy blowing Icelandic wind. If there will be more shows like that one at Húrra on legendary Friday the 13th, I will stop caring about that horrible howling and annoying sound in the background and always wet glasses that don’t allow me to see the world around. Then the only one thing I will maybe care about will be your joyous future. Yours, mine but I’m not 100% about everyone else’s. So, should I first tell you the reason why I’m almost able to have a pact with the Devil? Well, I… Keep Reading

Low Roar

Sirens are ringing all around – Low Roar

I wanna feel something again memorable sings Ryan Karazija, the frontman of the Iceland based electronic project called Low Roar. I also want to experience something remarkable, that’s why I took the opportunity to watch Low Roar live at Húrra on March 12th. Half a year has crept by since this band played onstage here in Reykjavík – not including Iceland Airwaves. This is what you get in this town once they spread their wings. I have experienced more or less memorable shows of this trio currently consisting of mentioned before Karazija, Leifur Björnsson (programming) and Logi Guðmundsson (drums) –… Keep Reading

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