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Putting your bean into my mind – Godchilla

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Apparently, I cannot exist without drinking coffee. I confess to being addicted. I had broken the record of 97 hours without so precious caffeine, risking some damages in my surrounding. Even though I’m blessed with coffee beans covered with chocolate. But every time I open a box of them to feed my addiction I hear in my mind words Concentrate on putting your bean into my mind. So I concentrate on putting MY mind into THEIR bean. Godchilla’s one. Montag The Magnificent. There are a few young bands here that in 5 years will definitely kick your ass to death. Just give them enough time. Beyond any doubt Godchilla is one of them. I will begin with the flashback to October 2013. Finally I got the opportunity to see Godchilla in its full glory. A characteristic loft of good old Gamli Gaukurinn was decked out in fairy lights. Three guys took the stage. My jaw dropped during the first song and meaning full glory I didn’t really expect they will get a new drummer… so my jaw had a plan to never get back on its right place, how nice. I craved for a debut album while thinking they will make soon some noise on local music scene. I could sum up that night with one word: awe-stricken. Almost exactly one year later Godchilla threw generously an intense party – debut album release show at Húrra. The album entitled COSMATOS was shown to world in September and contains a succesful

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