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Vök doesn´t keep me waiting anymore

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Sometimes you need just the right moment to say that the show wiped you off the face of the earth. Seeing a band Vök and a solo project called EinarIndra warming up the audience on 21st July 2016 at Húrra, I realised that perhaps that was that moment. It hasn´t been too long since I experienced the same line up at KEX Hostel and then I dreamed of feeling real emotions during live show in a dark, small and enclosed space. So it happened, this space turned out to be the currently best concert venue in downtown. Húrra! Opening of the evening was made by EinarIndra, electronic/indie solo artist, who this year successfully acquainted Polish audience with his music so I was incredibly curious of him. In a dark surrounding his music and distinctive voice affected on a brain with a broad direct sonic stream. Pleasure. There were precisely such conditions that you need to familiarize yourself with Einar´s electronics that is full of subtle and dark harmonies and soul. Then Sometimes I´m Wrong from the latest EP Stories can spin you around quite well. In a desperate need of releasing my mind off the leash, I reached the atmosphere and ethereal sounds flowing from the stage where Vök felt so comfortable. This band has become known barely 3 years ago thanks to the victory in a local competiton called Músíktilraunir (The Battle of Bands). It’s amazing how since that memorable performance then that was actually their first ever live

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