New release: Sunna Margrét

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December 17th, the Icelandic producer, singer and visual artist Sunna Margrét has released her 5-track experimental-ambient-braindance-electronica Kraumur Awards winning EP Art of History. The EP is available exclusively through Reykjavík Record Shop and No Salad Records, and finally from today on you can give it a listen on the streaming services (check it out on Spotify).

Co-released between her oceanic hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland, and her current alpine home base in Lausanne, Switzerland, Art of History brings together distant dreams of elvish druids and lo-fi beats of a contemporary urban woman.

Sunna Margrét brings to the stage the narrative of distant dreams filled with the echoes of contemporary female superheroes and crooked talking mushrooms. She is known for her sensorial, atmospheric and emotive live shows, pinned together with her passion for performance art. Her shows encompass installation and visual projections, mapping the stage with stimulating images that reflect the mood and narrative of her abstract electronica that can sometimes be described as psychedelic, delivering her atmospheric voice to the ear.

Although her career started in her teens with the electro-pop band Bloodgroup, Sunna Margrét debuted her first solo single ‘Hero Slave’ in the summer of 2017 with a performance at LungA art festival in Seyðisfjörður. Since then she has released a Wire Tapper featured track ’Amma’ along with remixes from some of Iceland’s top electronic artists.

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