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MIMRA released Sinking Island

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The Reykjavík singer, producer and composer MIMRA offers powerful and dramatic album Sinking Island with bold and rich arranged electro-acoustic folk pop and stunning voice. The album contains twelve original compositions and delivers intense inner energy. Sinking Island had been created over a few years when María Magnúsdóttir, a brain behind MIMRA, lived in the Netherlands and England. Eventually the album became her master thesis in Popular Music at Goldsmiths, University of London. María Magnúsdóttir has been active on the local music scene for a several years. Her solo début album was out in 2007 to rave reviews. On her latest album, Sinking Island, MIMRA captures themes of love, heartache, anger and happiness. She carves her own space between electronic vibes and multi-layered classic arrangements for a full band. From the very first song of the album, Our Great Escape, MIMRA grabs attention with her wide range of voice and deep passion in personal lyrics. If you look for being touched by music, you will get it here. So far my favourite track of the album is dramatic Coraline, in which MIMRA paints a dramatic sonic landscape with great panache and ascends vocal heights. No worries, there´s also space for care-less happiness on this album. Mushroom Clouds is sonically far from the main path on the album. This sudden change of the mood unveils an energetic rocket that will make you dance on the street. On Wednesday November 8th MIMRA plays her release show at the amazing Bæjarbíó in Hafnarfjörður.

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