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Dimma @ Iceland Airawaves 2014

Getting lost in the darkness – DIMMA

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When the last edition of Iceland Airwaves somehow got me down I decided to finish the night in a proper way to not let me feel that bitter taste of disappointment next day. Sometimes you just want to experience something memorable. So I popped by Gaukurinn to enjoy local hard-rock stars called DIMMA. I think the darkness of Gaukurinn is a natural environment of this band and musicians can easily turn into real animals of the night on stage… in effect, unrelentingly stealing the show. To be honest, they gave my second favourite show of Iceland Airwaves 2014, so long live DIMMA!

I don’t like to start from beginning so maybe this time I will try from the end. In short, huge stage experience and impressive skills of four members of DIMMA are jaw-dropping and every time I see this band live I wonder why they spend more time playing again and again in Iceland than abroad (book them, now!) if they are definitely worth to show off in front of hundreds of hard-rock listeners somewhere else around the world, not only here. That’s why the show at Gaukurinn during Iceland Airwaves warmed up my heart. After such a successful performance the audience was left speechless and breathless and a foreigner standing next to me was only able to stutter out: they are mind-blowing. Yes, they are. My sonic sandbox in Reykjavík is obnoxiously good (if you want to disagree, think twice).

I’m not even able to choose highlight of DIMMA’s show because the last album entitled Velráð kind of got stuck in my player in a never-ending loop and now if I want it or not I just adore every live performance of those four amazing musicians. They don’t make a radio-friendly ditty, moreover, they can make your skin crawl thanks to quite spectacular dark and dim material. DIMMA usually regales the audience with a furious powerful insanity but that night it was something more. Like on the one side of that stupid guard rail there was a huge wave of energy on stage and on the other side, among people, you could feel exactly that crazy fever and see shiny eyes. A rhythm section guaranteed a heavy progressive rock sound and, oh boy, what can I say when I see Silli Geirdal playing bass like there is no tomorrow? Especially when he plays Kviksyndi. It happens that everything stays in the family. Sometimes I think that Silli and his brother Ingó, the great guitarist of DIMMA, had fun as kids pretending rock stars… or rather preparing to become them. They did that homework well. Ingó Geirdal spreads his allure from the stage presenting dazzling guitar skills hidden in brilliant solos. The band went crazy that night during Iceland Airwaves. Another time in the history, DIMMA captivated me with Icelandic lyrics that I understand every day more and more and that are sung in, without doubt, an impressive way. Stefán Jakobsson (aka Stebbi Jak) is a charismatic front-man that many other bands could envy DIMMA. His overwhelming timbre and vocal possibilities and skills will probably still surprise me more than once in the future. Trust me, I don’t like covers but this man is able to sing Led Zeppelin’s songs without hurting my huge love to Robert Plant, moreover, is able to impress me. Just so you know.

I’m aware that Christmas are done but still it’s time to prepare kind of Christmas care package with DIMMA inside and send them to the continental Europe so other people could also experience music made by such professional musicians served in a very attractive way since DIMMA offers massive sets that are easy on the eyes (and ears). Chip in on a stamp, hm?



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