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Provoking Muck, Pink Street Boys and Oyama on Friday the 13th

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I’m about to make a deal with this crazy blowing Icelandic wind. If there will be more shows like that one at Húrra on legendary Friday the 13th, I will stop caring about that horrible howling and annoying sound in the background and always wet glasses that don’t allow me to see the world around. Then the only one thing I will maybe care about will be your joyous future. Yours, mine but I’m not 100% about everyone else’s. So, should I first tell you the reason why I’m almost able to have a pact with the Devil?

Well, I don’t believe the Black Friday brings good or bad luck. Although I got up on the wrong side of the bed it didn’t really matter since I had been waiting for that day so goddam long. We have all been waiting. Finally, Muck released its sophomore album entitled Your Joyous Future and chose a date for the release show. Friday the 13th, indeed – how can it be otherwise…?

That night’s line-up was truly out of this world. Russian girls took care of a dj set and punk rockers in Pink Street Boys let the heat fill Húrra. I have already said what I think of this brutal garage rock band and nothing suggests I will change my mind. Over my dead body. They kicked off the show that night with an enthusiasm. Hellman! The guys regaled us with a bunch of new stuff for 2 or sometimes 3 guitars, bass, fast and furious drums and an angry tambourine. That made me think intensively of the time that their debut album will be ready to get in our greedy hands. Soon… and hopefully I will not have to wait so long as I did for Muck’s one. Please.

Who else improved the evening? Oyama, our one and only Icelandic shoegaze band these days. So you could kind of spare your energy for later… for the big boom. Anyway, they always do a good job showing off with huge guitar’s wall and basslines on the high level. At least for a year or so they have played for the packed rooms that is absolutely not surprising if you have already listened to their outstanding debut album entitled Coolboy. Tonight couldn’t be otherwise although they weren’t exactly in the spotlight and knew it well. Anyway, Oyama had a good time on stage, they even had worn for a few seconds a skin of their friends in Muck and finished one of the songs in My City‘s style. Well done.

When Muck jumped on the stage the situation escalated to a feverish climax. Before I will tell you that this is a great and must watch video shot by Óðinn Dagur Bjarnason (kudos!), that illustrates in a perfect way what kind of insanity is on Muck’s show, I need to say that that day I was even more hungry for that gig. Seems like I cannot exist properly without such an intensity and ferocity that, in addition, has to be dosed quite regularly. It’s like a drug addiction. And I totally agree with the sentence the band told. Now Muck is stronger than ever. Feel it, relive it or just regret you weren’t there and didn’t enjoy that epic show. Watch it. The end of the story. This is how looks like your joyous future.

Muck @ Húrra 13.03.2015 from Óðinn Dagur Bjarnason on Vimeo.

Pink Street Boys

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