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It Might Get Loud – Smells Like (Pink Street) Boys

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Words by Stína Satanía
The review was originally printed in Reykjavík On Stage (Issue 3)

If you have never listened to the self-proclaimed loudest band of Iceland, let me give you a littledirection on how to wake up your neighbours on a Saturday morning with their latest bunch offurious punk rock songs. In October 2017, Pink Street Boys released the explosive Smells Like Boys on vinyl. The band took the local music scene by storm when they emerged under this name in 2013, and their garage punk smell, indeed, wafted across Iceland’s borders, resulting in asuccessful tour of the UK and continental Europe last year.

Smells Like Boys might get loud. The album proves that the Pink Street gang is no less vicious andrebellious than when they released their first cassette in 2014 (Trash from the Boys), and they won’t allow anyone to keep them down (try it at your own risk). Simply put, you don’t want tomess with them. Take it from me: Smells Like Boys won’t disappoint. The boys are still bitter aboutgirls (‘I’m coming’). I’ve been a fan of theirs since their very beginning, so my expectations of themhave naturally built over time. The five-piece band from Pink Street plays simple and explosivetunes that precariously balance on the border of total chaos. Once you’ve heard them, you’ll knowimmediately that you should expect an album full of energy and dirt. So, welcome to theslaughterhouse for guitars, where the rhythm section is mad and the vocals are guttural!

Smells Like Boys contains 10 songs, which I welcomed like a shot of damn strong espresso in sonic form. ‘Blast off’ is a successful opener for the album. The worst thing I can say about this band isthat their songs are so catchy and simple that they’re impossible not to sing along to, like ‘AlphaDog’. Unsurprisingly, I found myself playing the new album over and over again, banging my headto the music. Luckily, the band won’t slow down even for a minute to let you catch them.

If there is only thing I love, it’s the expression of live energy on the cold, lifeless surface of aphysical album! Pink Street Boys made Smells Like Boys with a little help from producer Atli Már Þorvaldsson, who recorded and mixed the record. Despite knowing that this band can make people crazy during their shows under a full moon, I was suprised to find myself nodding vigorously to theup-tempo, new songs flowing through my headphones, as if I was at a live show. Watch out! You might get sweaty while listening! Feel free to turn the volume up to the max!

Pink Street Boys – Smells Like Boys:
1. Blast Off
2. I’m Coming
3. Alpha Dog
4. Way It Goes
5. Mr. Kill
6. Nazi Homo Sex
7. Worm
8. Wet (Get Sober)
9. Pickup Truck
10. Whatever


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