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Blood of my blood – Klikk

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Welcome to the land of the winter sleep… but I mean more for bands than for animals. Some of the local bands have a nap due to a wealth of the side projects (in this particular case I want to write today about it’s been no less than five, at least as many as band members) then they wake up with a new energy, new songs, surely ready for the conquest of the world or at the very least their own backyard. So it happened to hardcore punkers in Klikk. The previous gig took place in November and the band flourished anew during one weekend at Húrra and Dillon whiskey bar on… wait what…? On Ascension Day?! More likely they would enjoy descending to hell. Nevermind, May 14th and 16th. I still remember the first gig of Klikk I have seen and the way how they stuck in my memory. Then the next flashback is one evening in August 2013 when I decided to finally share my impressions of the Klikk show for the first time with someone who comes not from Iceland. I have to say it boggled then my mind actually. Klikk’s performances are never boring and somehow always give me a thrill. Believe me or not, you will have this dilemma what to zero in on. Up to now, Klikk has been, and I assume still will be, a stage phenomenon. At the time of their last gigs I felt like Klikk turned into an armoured tank

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