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Where have you been on the Culture Night?

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Trying my best to go back to a routine, I got sick right before the Culture Night. Right in time, isn’t it? But it reminds me the best memory from this annual festivity – gigs in the banana jungle in the backyard of Laugavegur 58b (shout out to Birgir of Godchilla and Antimony for organizing it!). Then I was half alive with sore throat and fever but who cares, how could I miss out such an event. This year I took the Culture Night way easily and experienced pure awesomeness. Whenever I want to get right in a party mood, I need to listen to Icelandic rap – Úlfur Úlfur – that I fell in love with thanks to my dear old flatmate Fríða. The Culture Night 2016 is officially their night. I had seen this duo three time out of their four performances of that day and, moreover, that was a total coincidence in 2 of 3 cases, but how lucky I am! In late 2015 they released their second album Tvær Plánetur that was hailed the Album of The Year 2016 at the 2016 Icelandic listening awards. No matter if they play for 20 people or for way more than 2000 – they are totally immersed in their passion and perform the best they can. Úlfur Úlfur on Facebook Maybe Heiðrik is not an Icelander of blood and fresh but he is based in Reykjavík and has been involved into Icelandic music scene. This musician and director, who

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