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KRÍA: more videos from Altaka EP

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KRÍA is an artistic pseudonym of a London based vocalist, composer and producer Elísa Hildur Einarsdóttir that originally comes from Reykjavík. This year, KRÍA released her sophomore EP entitled Altaka. We can enjoy a lot of dark downtempo electronica. Following the release, the artists reveals step by step new videos that show the new record as actually collection of 4 original audio-visual pieces that are written and recorded by Elísa Hildur herself. It´s worth to mention that KRÍA was the first ever artist from Iceland to play at Singapores Grand Prix! What are the songs by KRÍA about? The artist explains. Skin: I wrote Skin out of frustration. It was sort of reinventing my values, what I want from life and accepting myself physically and mentally. Last year I didn’t know if things were going to end well for me and at that time everything was really unclear about my future. So the lyrics are an internal dialogue about facing yourself and your mistakes to accept the person you are and your fate. Parting: Parting is inspired by true events, I’m being Paris Hilton, it was very much improvised, I found the alien outfit in my room from a new years eve party. So basically i’m escaping from the aliens, Parting is about death and escaping from the aliens is the escape from life, reality…. to be continued. Pressure: Pressure is about being reborn and free, in the video I’m travelling through different dimensions. At the end, you see that

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